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In cooperation with MECA Baseball the Erie Seawolve and The Miracle League, PLAY BALL FOR ALL is a committee of parents, citizens, business and community leaders dedicated to the reconditioning of C. Francis Hagerty Park including the addition of a state-of-the-art adaptive baseball field for physically and cognitively impaired players.


Meca manages the Millcreek Joy Senior Center, which currently resides at the Stull Center located in Presque Isle Park

Meca services the Veteran Community with Fiduciary services, helping them manage their finances, find and support their housing needs.


Our Represenative Payee service, helps

Social Security Benefit recipients manage

their benefits, to acquire Food, clothing,

and shelter.  We work along with local

agencies to help the homeless and provide

for financial needs

Represenative Payee Program
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